Mental Wellness
for Impact Entrepreneurs
and Executives

Pioneer in Founder Mental Health, Gaia Founders is elevating impact entrepreneurship by helping founders think, feel, and perform better with Neuroscience and Nature.

The 7-Day Creative Genie Challenge:

A simple step-by-step practice to awaken your natural genius & grant your heart's wish.✅ Cut through the noise, get clear, and get ahead now.
✅ Do the thing.
✅ The fastest path to becoming Exceptional.
✅ Experience the profound pleasure of creative expression.
For entrepreneurs and executives with a heart's wish, go from dream to reality with 7 minutes a day, in 7 days.
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New! Live Practice:
Sanctua Mind Design & Meditation for Impact Founders

Cognitive Training and Thriving for Entrepreneurs. Click through to learn more and grab your Free copy of the Complete
Sanctua Method Guidebook

🎧 TIME RICH: The Podcast 🎧

Expect Expansion.
Where Mind meets Matter; where the rubber meets the road. Our Podcast invites you to explore Flow, Peak Performance, Metaphysics, Esoterica, and the Science of Self in Entrepreneurship through Neuroscience and Nature. Click on the image to listen.


Discover the first All-in-One online Founder Mental Health Course:
Supercharge your Success in 3 hours.

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Pioneer Method connecting
Neuroscience, Nature, and Business

Extraordinary Experiences

Leadership launch ramp for Graceful Expansion.
In-person Nature Therapy and Connection immersion retreats and workshops in UNESCO World Heritage Biodiversity and Culture Sites.
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of the solutions needed to get to Net Zero have not yet been invented.


of Early Stage ventures fail.


more depression in Entrepreneurs - founders bear twice the average mental health burden while striving to lift off impact solutions.

Our Why

Action Potential refers to the latent power in neurons, ignited upon triggers and thresholds. We are the same as humans - our incredible power for positive impact is simply there to be unleashed, it only needs the right pathways. Gaia Founders is that pathway, rooted in behavioral mathematics which prove that the crowd is wise and that group decision is excellent and more accurate when each individual decides on his own. We provide identity and self-awareness training for entrepreneurs, connecting you to your greatest Mind Energy, Freedom, and Authority for Elevated Impact Leadership.